This policy was developed by the Jasper Freeride Ski Team (JFST) Board to promote an enjoyable, respectful and safe environment for all club members to develop freestyle skiing skills. Successful athletic programs all have a basic understanding of acceptable and cooperative behaviour among athletes, parents, volunteers, and coaches. Therefore, upon acceptance to the Jasper Freeride Ski Team, all members will be expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the JFST Code of Conduct.

Athletes will:

  • Respect teammates, competitors, coaches, parents, officials and property
  • Not use alcohol, tobacco or drugs
  • Behave in a way that reflects positively on the team
  • Strive to be punctual for training and competitions
  • Play fair and display good sportsmanship

Parents/Volunteers will:

  • Respect and show appreciation for all competitors, coaches, officials, JFST Board members and other volunteers who give their time to the sport
  • Not be allowed on course unless working as a volunteer or official
  • Provide positive comments that motivate and encourage participant’s continued efforts
  • Respect the decisions and judgments of officials, and encourage athletes to do the same


Failure to meet JFST Code of Conduct requirements may result in the following:

Time out – Skiers will be asked by the Coach to sit out (in Jim’s Den). Parents will be contacted by the Coach to discuss the situation and a member of the Board will be contacted.

Suspension from training/competition – This will occur if a skier (parent/volunteer) repeatedly violates the Code of Conduct or for any action deemed to warrant a more serious punishment. The JFST Board will determine the length of suspension.

Expulsion from Jasper Freeride Ski Team – This is for any skier (parent/volunteer) continually creating a disturbing environment by repeated violation of the aforementioned code.


Examples of infractions include bullying, verbal abuse such as swearing or other inappropriate language or gestures. Also included are physical actions such as pushing, hitting, spitting, or any other action that would infringe upon another skier’s personal space on the slopes, water ramps, or in the chalet.

Download the printed versions:

Code of Conduct 2016 2017 – Word Document

Code of Conduct 2016 2017 – PDF Document