Timber Tour 2019

January 31 - February 3

Jasper Freetstyle Ski Team is pleased to announce the Timber Tour Event at Marmot Basin, Alberta. 

 Will keep you updated when we will able to send out the invitations to the competition. 


Following is a guide for the Alberta Timber Tour Series of Freestyle Skiing events.
Freestyle AB in partnership with AB registered clubs offer the Alberta Timber
Tour to provide a meaningful competitive experience for athletes in the
learn to train (L2T) and train to train (T2T) stage of the long term athlete
development (LTAD) model.

In partnership with Freestyle Canada, Sport For Life, The Coaching
Association of Canada, and High Five, Freestyle AB will continue to
develop and support the implementation of grassroots programs and
events that are relevant, vibrant and engaging for athletes in the L2T
and T2T stages of development. The Alberta Timber Tour aims to increase
participation, develop athletes through a meaningful competitive
experience, recruit and develop officials and further develop coaches.
Freestyle AB remains commiמּed to implementing standards for the
development of acrobatic/air skills, to training coaches, and providing
standards for competition and training facilities as the pillars of excellence
and athlete safety.

It is the policy of Freestyle AB that all participants should be equitably
served in terms of the Association’s programs, and that all participants
should have an equal opportunity to contribute to all aspects of the affairs
of the Association. Freestyle AB is commiמּed to reviewing its current
programs and services, and taking initiatives to redress any gender

Freestyle AB aims to grow and continually improve support to local clubs
and organizing commiמּees. The Freestyle AB Events Commiמּee aims to
support freestyle skiing events and further develop the sport in the province
of AB. The commiמּee will have the ability to amend rules and regulations
outlined in this document on an ongoing basis with the mandate to improve
and develop the Alberta Timber Tour event series.


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