COVID-19 Training and Exposure Policy
REVISION – January, 2021

1.0 General:
As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues, we are providing policy updates on how to protect
yourself and prepare for potential outcomes. This is a dynamic situation and our guidance is likely to evolve.
We encourage you to continue to access the most up to date information, restrictions, and guidelines from
the following sources:

2.0 Scope: This policy is intended for Jasper Freeride Ski Team (JFST) athletes, coaches, and parent / family
volunteers. It is intended to provide guidelines for team activities and risk mitigation for potential COVID

3.0 Travel Policy
3.1 – Guideline for Travel – Athletes, Coaches, and volunteers are to travel with family / household
members only.

4.0 Health Checks
4.1 Pre-training health checks – All athletes and Coaches must complete daily health check questionnaires.
These may be completed in hardcopy or via smartphone APP as determined by the JFST board.

5.0 Training Policy
5.1 – Morning meet – Athletes shall not gather in groups inside of chalets and must remain with their family
and /or maintain 2m distance from other athletes and the general public. Morning Meet will occur outdoors
with group size (including coach) to not exceed 10. Coaches may be provided with megaphones to aid in
communicating with Athletes while maintaining distance.

5.2 – Training Cohort – Athletes will be assigned to a daily training group and may not crossover to different
groups throughout the day. This includes at break time as well. Names of individuals in each group will be
recorded for contact tracing. Target Group Sizes will be: Development Team – 7 athletes to one Coach,
Freestylerz – 6 athletes to one coach, Fundamentalz – 3 athletes to one coach

5.3 – Lift lines and Chair lifts – All athletes and Coaches are required to wear face coverings while in lift lines
and while riding chair lifts. Athletes must ride chair lifts with members of their daily training group or may
ride alone. Athletes should not ride chair lifts with members of the general public.

5.4 – Meeting points and checks – Coaches shall assign group meeting points ( min 50 ft from lift lines) to
gather athletes prior to heading to lift lines and conduct “mask checks” to ensure all athletes are in
compliance with face covering protocols prior to entering lift lines.

5.5 – Injuries – In the case of injuries, both the Coach and Athlete must wear face coverings during
assessment of the injury. Initial assessment should be performed from a safe distance unless immediate first
aid is required. Contact Ski Patrol for more serious injuries or where Athlete requires transport.

6.0 Breaks, Meals, Warm-ups
6.1 Warm up breaks – Athletes and Coaches may utilize indoor spaces (chalets, warming huts, and tents)
provided that face coverings are worn and distancing measures are followed. Sanitizer is provided in all
indoor spaces and hands shall be sanitized before and after contact with indoor spaces. Maintain social
distance if face coverings are removed, keep distance from general public. Additional washrooms are
provided by Marmot Basin at parking lot #4.

6.2 Warm up Tents – Maximum capacity of warm up tents is 5 Athletes from the same training group. Masks
must be worn.

6.3 Meals – Longer breaks such as meals that require athletes to remove face coverings should follow AHS
guidelines. Eat meals only with family members, or assigned training group, maintain social distance, sanitize
hands before and after, do not enter crowded areas. We recommend taking longer breaks in your private car
in the parking lot, in JFST tents, or outdoors if weather permits.

7.0 Volunteers
7.1 Volunteer Health Checks – JFST volunteers must complete the daily health check questionnaire prior to
their volunteer activities

7.2 Course prep / setup – JFST volunteers must comply with AHS guidelines for social distancing and face
coverings. Outdoor course prep and setup may be completed without face coverings, provided that social
distancing is maintained.

8.0 After Training
Social Gatherings, Meals, Hotels, Etc. – Athletes and their families are expected to be aware, understand, and strictly adhere to current Alberta Health regulations and Freestyle Alberta information during non-training hours.

9.0 COVID Exposure
9.1 Athletes or Coaches exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19 – If you are sick, stay home. All JFST members are
required to disclose if they are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID -19. Follow AHS guidelines for
self isolation and COVID testing

9.2 Close contact with COVID positive case – JFST members who have been in contact with a positive case
may not participate in training and must isolate for 14 days as per AHS guidelines

9.3 JFST member positive COVID test – A JFST member who has tested positive for COVID-19 is required to
self-isolate for 10 days from the date of test, even if asymptomatic. If he or she begins to exhibit symptoms,
isolation must extend 10 days from the onset of symptoms, and until symptoms are gone for a minimum 24
hours, whichever is longer. All JFST members are required to disclose that they have tested positive for the
COVID-19 virus. They are to notify, by email and phone, their coach and the president of the board of

JFST COVID-19 Committee : G Boychuk, R Hiron, B, Christian, R Timmins, C. Peel , R. Laidlaw