Coach Chris Peel - Smith - Line

Jasper Freeride Ski Team! We are cleared to train again, we resume our training December 5th, 2020

The Freestylerz program will be able to get started, and we plan for the FUNdamentalz program to start Dec. 12&13. Good news! I know people may not be prepared, and this announcement is coming late. We apologize and appreciate everyone’s patience in these uncertain times.

We will provide training in both Marmot Basin and Canyon. I will provide a list and contact those who are invited to Canyon, which will be for the High Performance Dev athletes only.

There are new Covid protocols and directives that I will require everyone to agree to and follow. We will be using paperless forms, payments, and updates exclusively from here on in.

More Info:

I require that everyone electronically sign each document or email me with written acceptance before we train this weekend.
A couple points to highlight:
– sharing / carpooling is not allowed except with those in the same household.
– we can not physically visit or socialize, at any time, with anybody outside our families.
– while training, the groups will be kept separate, and lunches will be eaten separately at your own vehicles.
– Freestyle Alberta has asked that we not wear team coats, or to cover our team logos.
– we are not to stay at the training venues over night, unless it is within your own family dwelling. Ideally, people would be driving in for training, and back home afterwards. This may not be possible for some, but we are not to stay at our training area if possible.
            (We know there will be a lot of questions, however we won’t be able to provide any more info at this time. We are seeking more clarity and will share it as soon as we can.)
Our goal is to provide safe and productive training for our membership. Everything may change last minute, and I appreciate everyone’s understanding.
On behalf of the Jasper Freeride board and coaches
Randy Timmins
Head Coach
Jasper Freeride Ski Team