Registration is OPEN for 2021 – 2022 season

For all inquiries, please contact:

Dean Radloff  (Registrar) – Please Use Form
Randy Timmins  (Head Coach)–  Please Use Form

Registration and Refund Policy

•COVID Refund Policy

  • Post registration, refunds will only be provided when either hill operations or JFST cancels or suspends training.
  • Refunds will not be provided if an athlete and / or family members are in isolation due to COVID or otherwise and the either hill operations of JFST have NOT cancelled training.
  • Prorated Refunding, below; refunds will be net of 25% administration fees’ and ‘refunds of 25% or less will not be issued to allow covering of administration costs
  • Based on # of days cancelled / # of days athlete was registered = % (eg. 8 cancelled days / 24 days = 33%) AND
  • (% X registration) – (25% of base registration – Note 1)
  • NOTE 1– (25% of base registration) The 25% of base registration is to deal with sunken operational and / or salaries. JFST buys yearly equipment / tools / fuels / etc. also has one yearly salary employee (head coach) and that salary straddles two season (2019/20 and 2020/21) therefore to continue with a successful JFST operation, the head coach salary will continue to exist. If there is a COVID government assisted program, JFST would apply and request this subsidy and would then further refund amounts to families and athletes.


Injury Refund Policy

•Injury Refund Policy

  • In the past, JFST has not provided refunds due to injuries that occur during training or outside of JFST training and competitions. JFST will extend this practice, as the hiring and staffing of coaches is based on the # of athletes that register at the beginning of the year.


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Registration:  Please Use Form - (Dean Radloff - Registrar)

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