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Ski Gear

Choosing gear can be a daunting task, listed below is a suggested guideline for your first time buyers to the sport. Our ski shops in town are also very knowledgeable on what to choose.

Ski Gear Buyer's Guide

Park Gear


  • Twin-tip
  • Regular camber
  • Ideal 80 to 90 mm under foot
  • Ideal turn radius between 18 and 21 meters
  • Stiffness according to weight (heavier = stiffer ski)
  • Lightweight
  • Length: between chin and nose while wearing ski boots


  • Adapted to the weight of the skier
  • Ski brakes that will have a tight fit (max 10 mm wider than width of ski under foot)
  • True-center mount for Park
  • Boot center mount for All Mountain

Mogul Gear


  • Side cut that looks like 95-61-85
  • Stiffness according to weight (heavier = stiffer ski)
  • Light person go with K2 or Moment, Heavier-stronger person go with Elan or ID Ones
  • Length between nose and eyes while wearing ski boots


  • Adapted to the weight of the skier
  • Ski brakes that will be maximum 75 mm width (tight fit)
  • Make sure that the binding is narrow enough as the wide binding will touch the snow when carving and the ski will be useless
  • Boot center mount for best result (not true center)


The best boot is a comfortable boot with a lot of flexibility.

Avoid alpine stiff boots, they will cut the range of motion of absorption and will miss lead take off)


Good quality light snug fitting and just enough room for a liner like a baklava.

Ski Poles

Ski poles will be needed for all athletes. Hold under basket while the pole is upside down, your elbows should be 90 degrees, can be little shorter if the focus is in the moguls.

Ski Shops

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